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My free debut fantasy novel: ‘Turning Red’

Born in the enchanted elven kingdom of Quel’Thalas, Phoenix is unlike other elves: she has never had an affinity for magic.

When she inadvertently commits a crime and her mother goes missing, Phoenix gets caught up in a perilous gang war and is forced to take a side. Can her allies turn this flawed, redheaded rogue into a formidable swordfighter and find her mother?

Aside from the trials she will face on her journey, Phoenix must also do battle with the most dangerous and unstable entity she knows: her mind.

My interviews

I’ve been fortunate enough to have interviewed some of the biggest names in esports. Here are ten of my favourites.

Who am I?

I love writing, digging for interesting news, telling important stories and conducting interviews that really capture the subject’s honest thoughts and emotions. I’m the founder of Esports News UK, the UK Esports Awards and offer esports consultancy, helping brands and businesses understand the industry. I also worked as head of content at the British Esports Federation.

But before all that, we have to go back to the ’90s…

Read Dom Sacco’s story and background here

My videos

Writing is my forté but I can also produce and edit videos where required too.

Here are a few I put together:

16 reasons why UK esports casters are the best

I edited together some of my favourite moments from British casters Excoundrel and Medic (previously known as Sona), when they cast the old League of Legends UK Masters tournament.

League of Legends coaching with a UK LAN veteran

UK LAN veteran and peak Challenger player Jamie ‘Tundra’ Duthie teaches me how to climb as a jungler in League of Legends.

Inside the Stratford Belong Arena

I checked out the industry launch opening of GAME Belong’s Stratford arena/store. I interviewed manager Simeon and casters John Allen and Zander ‘Blank’ Munro for full details of the Stratford Spartans.

My speaking work

As well as writing, I also speak at conferences and events and have experience as a moderator and host

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