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Dominic Sacco is passionate about promoting and driving growth within esports in the UK, and has a wealth of experience working with businesses and helping them to achieve their goals.

How to succeed in esports

Dominic Sacco can help you crack the competitive gaming market with bespoke esports consultancy

Esports is an exciting billion-dollar market that more and more companies are turning to to reach new audiences and younger gamers.

Do you want to get involved but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’ve seen other brands get things wrong and want to avoid making the same mistakes. Maybe you already have an idea but need a guiding hand – or the right doors opened to you. I can help.

In February 2021, I launched an esports consultancy offering, helping businesses to understand, enter and succeed in this fast-moving market.

I can assist everyone from brands to businesses, investors and individuals find and implement the right strategy for them and start seeing great results.

Having worked in B2B and B2C journalism for 14 years, founded Esports News UK in 2015 and worked for the British Esports Association for more than four years, I have seen many companies run activities or market products in the gaming space, and interviewed hundreds of them. This has given me a good understanding of their challenges, the opportunities in the space and how they can tell their stories to gamers in the most engaging way.

I have also seen some brands make mistakes, or receive unhelpful advice and, as I want the best for the UK esports industry, that has prompted me to step in and help advise.

If you’re interested in speaking with me and discovering how I can help you, please contact me here.

What my esports training program looks like

  • 5 Pain-Free Steps: Understand and crack the growing billion-dollar esports industry.
  • How To Engage With Gamers: Strike a chord with esports fans and typically hard-to-reach millennials. 
  • ​The Benefits Of Getting Involved: Why you can’t afford to miss out on the esports phenomenon.
  • How To Run Activities and Drive Sales: Discover real examples of successful brand activities and investments, and receive advice to help you launch your own.
  • Grow Your Community: How to take care of your customers in the long-term, and get the results you’re looking for.


“When I was establishing the British Esports Association, I was recommended to reach out to only one person – Dom – due to his in-depth esports knowledge. He’s professional, reliable and incredibly on-point with his work.”

Chester King, Founder and CEO, British Esports Association

“With the wealth of knowledge that Dom has gained in the 10+ years he has worked in the gaming and esports industry, we have found his help and advice invaluable in building out an esports strategy for BullGuard.”

Lucy Lincoln, Senior Channel Marketing Manager, BullGuard

“Our twice weekly one on ones have given me the gaming and esports boot camp I needed. I couldn’t recommend this course enough.”

Ben Goldhagen, Founder and CMO, Pound for Pound Sports

Discover how I can help you today.

*Earnings and income representations made by Dominic Sacco, and and their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These examples are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are our results and from years of experience in esports. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results.

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