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Warcraft fan fiction Turning Red is out now!

Turning Red, my first novel, is available to read now as a free ebook download on Smashwords, plus it’s live in browser form on various fan fiction platforms such as and episodic versions on platforms like WattPad.

All the limited edition physical copies are all gone I’m afraid, I may have some more made in the future but can’t sell them as fan fiction must be non-commercial.

Artwork (left) by Naariel.

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Who is Phoenix Bloodheart?

Phoenix is the name of a character I created in the online game World of Warcraft.

My old guildmates had once asked me about her back story and, truth is, she didn’t really have one at the time. So one summer, while on holiday, I started writing it.

Then I wrote some more. 120,000 words later and I ended up with a book!

It’s called Turning Red. It’s a piece of high fantasy fan fiction and is free.

Book blurb: Turning Red

Born in the enchanted elven kingdom of Quel’Thalas, Phoenix is unlike other high elves: she has never had an affinity for magic.

Raised by a prostitute, she quickly grows disillusioned by her mother’s profession and drug use, making her an anxious, quiet child. Her life is grey and going nowhere. But when Phoenix inadvertently commits a crime and her mother goes missing, fate threatens to turn her life into a living nightmare.

Homeless and alone, Phoenix gets caught up in a perilous gang war and is forced to adapt in order to survive. She takes a side, but is it the right one? Can her allies be trusted if they are keeping secrets from her? Can they turn this flawed, redheaded rogue into a formidable swordfighter and find her mother?

Aside from the many trials she will face on her journey, Phoenix must also do battle with the most dangerous and unstable entity she knows: her mind.

Book trailer

Thanks to Naariel for the artwork, Tom Stratford for the animation and Leonardo Zorzi for the music.

Press release: Esports news editor publishes debut World of Warcraft free fan fiction novel, Turning Red, the story of a hot-headed high elf outlaw rogue

Launch stream

I hosted a special launch livestream over at in June 2020, featuring a:

  • Book reading
  • Trailer reveal
  • Q&A
  • Giveaway of 5 limited edition signed physical copies

You can watch the stream back above!

Interview by Ravenholdt

Respected World of Warcraft rogue community website Ravenholdt interviewed Dom Sacco here about Turning Red, rogues and all things Warcraft.


Some early readers kindly left the following reviews:

‘A fantastic adventure with many surprises’ – review by Thewayitis35

“Turning Red is a fantastic adventure with many surprises! It kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I found Phoenix Dreamfoil to be a very relatable character, and I would love to see more of her!”

‘Well-paced and leaves you wanting more, worth a try for any fantasy fan’ – James Batchelor

“Turning Red offers more depth than your typical fanfic. Phoenix is a compelling protagonist whose seemingly uncontrollable anger issues ramp up the tension throughout the book and her transformation over the course of her adventure makes her more and more likeable as the story goes on. There’s an engaging cast of characters around her, who show off strong and loveable personalities within just a few lines of dialogue. 

Perhaps the best aspect of this story is how character-driven the plot is. Rather than spinning an epic story of world-saving heroes, prophecies and chosen ones, this has a smaller scope but high personal stakes. It’s also very accessible for anyone who hasn’t played World of Warcraft and is unfamiliar with the specifics of the lore and locations.

It’s a long read, but well-paced and leaves you wanting more. Worth a try for any fantasy fan.”

‘Interesting plot twists and character development’ – review by Elliot Bond

“Turning Red had a couple of really interesting plot twists, however the character development of Phoenix was the main pull. Reading about Phoenix growing up and undergoing hardships far beyond our normal teenage experience was very exciting.

“I also really enjoyed the character arcs of the peripheral characters, and the nostalgia Phoenix felt when leaving Silvermoon for the first time – a nostalgia that I’m sure many readers will also feel connected to. I truly enjoyed reading it!”

Music playlist

I created a playlist to cover the events that transpire in my Warcraft rogue fan fic novel Turning Red.


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If you decide to read it, I would love to hear your feedback – please fill in this form or email – because I would like to learn and improve from this. Constructive criticism and honest feedback welcome.

Other novels

I have ideas for some other (non-Warcraft) original novels in the future and this is my attempt at testing the waters. I’d also like to write more stories based on the Phoenix Bloodheart storyline in the future.

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