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I’ve written thousands of articles during my career – more than 3,000 in the last seven years to 2023 on Esports News UK and British Esports alone. I’ve also produced several long reports and whitepapers.

Because of this, I wanted a place where I could list some of my more standout pieces of work. I’ve included a few articles to start with and will add to this page over time.

You can also commission me to write a freelance esports article or sponsored article on Esports News UK for you here.


While news writing is one of my favourite types of content nowadays, it was not always the case. At university my news lecturer Dan Hogan used to give us a few days to find news stories in our local area. One time, I was so stuck, I wrote about some new flats being built. When I received my paper back, Dan had written: ‘Dom. What the **** is this?!’

It wasn’t until a year into my first job at Auto Trader did I begin to really understand news. Here are some of the stories I’ve broken, plus some context around them.

Please note, I never used my position at British Esports to hear about industry rumours and break stories on Esports News UK! That would be unprofessional and a conflict of interest. Unfortunately it means I had to sit on many interesting pieces of news and not write them, but no longer – as of February 2021 I stepped back full-time from British Esports.


I used to love writing features and investigative pieces, but I like to put in deep levels of research for them and, given my current situation with three kids and so much work on, I just don’t have the time to put these together to a standard I would like.

Nevertheless, here are a few that stand out to me which I wrote before my twins came along.


Columns are so important in the world of journalism nowadays (excluding hot takes designed to mislead or intentionally anger the reader), in my opinion. Here are a handful of mine:

Reports and whitepapers

I’ve produced several reports, infographics and whitepapers for companies. There’s a UK esports report for UK games industry trade body Ukie on the way in early 2023, plus I’ve put together many reports for British Esports, such as end of year reports, age rating guides, case studies on esports college programs, vision documents and more.

I have also been hired to produce internal reports on a consultancy basis for games companies, for example a specific esports research paper for a triple-A game developer.

Some examples:

Other work

Check out some of my interviews and videos here, plus info on my first novel here. I’ve also done a lot of speaking work over the years, chairing panels at conferences like ESI London, PCR Boot Camp, Pocket Gamer Connects, giving talks on journalism and esports at schools and more. Check out my speaking work here and book me for freelance esports work here.

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