Aside from my written work, I also occasionally produce video content, from interviews to livestreams, comedic clips for Twitter & more. I’m comfortable editing using Sony Vegas.

Here are 10 highlights: (I’ve kept interviews to a minumum as I’ve done so many, there’s a separate Dom Sacco interviews page for them)

Grassroots esports panel on Twitch stage at EGX

I chaired a panel at EGX discussing the grassroots esports scene in the UK. This was conducted on stage with a live audience plus viewers watching a livestream on Twitch online.

Inside the Stratford Belong Arena

I checked out the industry launch opening of GAME Belong’s Stratford arena/store. I interviewed manager Simeon and casters John Allen and Zander “Blank” Munro for full details of the Stratford Spartans.

League of Legends coaching with a UK LAN veteran

UK LAN veteran and peak Challenger player Jamie “Tundra” Duthie teaches me how to climb as a jungler in League of Legends.

Esports and sports activity week at West Ham United Foundation

I produced this video for the British Esports Federation, which launched a pilot initiative to demonstrate the similarities between competitive video gaming and physical sports, and to promote physical activity to video game fans. The event took place at West Ham United Foundation.

Gross Gore meme video

I edited footage of streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen’s house tour to make it look like he’s selling products on a home shopping channel. Why? Because it was funny. This became my most popular video with almost half a million impressions.

Rekkles interview – ‘give 110% and you can get anywhere’ 

I sat down with Fnatic ADC and one of the best League of Legends players in the world – Martin “Rekkles” Larsson – at the launch of some Fnatic Gear products. We discussed what’s needed to go pro, how League of Legends players can improve, why losing can be better than winning and his thoughts on Worlds 2016.

Tour of my home office

A tour of my old outdoor office where I wrote articles and produce videos (I have since moved house). I worked hard on Esports News UK in recent years and put some of the revenues from that into this project.

How to be an esports host – a chat with Frankie Ward

Esteemed British esports host and streamer Frankie Ward offers some advice for prospective hosts in this interview for the British Esports Federation.

16 reasons why UK esports casters are the best

I edited together some of my favourite moments from British casters Excoundrel and Medic (previously known as Sona), when they cast the old League of Legends UK Masters tournament.

Microsoft webinar

A webinar I conducted around end of support opportunities for technology resellers around Microsoft’s Server 03. I hosted this in a previous role as editor of tech trade magazine PCR, a few months before I launched Esports News UK.

Another mention: 24-hour charity stream

I organised a 24-hour stream raising £650+ for SpecialEffect back in 2017 and arranged a mix of 1v1 showmatches between people in UK League of Legends. It was a lot of fun! You can see one of the 1v1s here: Foxdrop vs Phy

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